Sunday, July 5, 2009

Creating a Blog

I kept postponing creating my own blog because everytime I'd sign in, I'd feel that there were too many instructions and that "posting reflections" is required. I would refrain and postpone mainly because I still have some important deadlines to meet at school.

Then when I decided I shouldn't delay anymore, I put aside all my school work and followed the instructions to the letter only to discover it was quite easy at least to start. Not only was it manageable but interesting. I am attracted to this private/public space, which is close to utilities such as Facebook, but which could be more formal and more controlled.

Then it dawned on me that I have been here before. I just didn't know it. I do have a blog! It is my Hotmail Space, and I did use it for teaching purposes quite unknowingly. For the final action plan in the "Shaping" course, I posted files there with links in the action plan. I once also posted a grading sheet for my students to view and grade their own essays so that we could later compare the grades and discuss the criteria. I also posted descriptive articles for them from travel websites and newspapers to read and improve their writing. I was excited to realize that and eager to know more how I can make better use of this blog for educational purposes.
I attached a picture of myself with my students in an end-of-the-year outing. They look happy to be outside class context. To me, this picture is a reminder that the process is as enjoyable as the end if not more.


  1. Abdelnour!!! It's great to see your blog evolving and, of course, just writing about the process *is* the reflection (grin). You have some great pictures going! I can't wait to see more...


  2. Thank you dear Leslie. Your comments are always motivating!