Friday, July 24, 2009

Technology-Enhanced Lessons

I am so late in posting reflections on the topics of week 4 mainly because my posts on Nicenet included many of my reflections. They extended to how a technology-enhanced lesson applies to my teaching context. Still, I would like to summarize them into the following points:

1. Whenever I plan to use technology in class, I have to be well-prepared and sure that such an inclusion serves the objectives of the lesson.

2. I have to involve the students and move away from a teacher-centered class to benefit maximum from the tools used.

3. I have to make sure my students are comfortable so that I don’t confuse them with extra requirements. Technology is used to create a more motivating lesson and to make the learning process more enjoyable not to overload the students.

4. I have to offer variety so that all learning styles are served.

On an even more personal note, the topic made me rethink my commitment to improvement. I feel bad that I could have made better use of the tools available but I haven’t. The issue, in my case, is not only about motivating students but also encouraging other teachers on the team to face the challenge. However, I am resolved to start the “wheel” and keep it turning :-)!

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  1. Dear Abdelnour,

    Thank you for sharing your ideas in distilled form - those are excellent points for all of us to keep in mind.

    There is always more that could be done than time available to do it. Still, it takes someone to start the ball rolling and encourage others to try. I've found that you need a few brave people to start something new, then it's much easier to convince others to try an innovation.